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MIEL DU LEVANT is the first organic Honey certified at 0% sucrose in 1999 it is a pure and natural honey free of any added sugar, harvested in Lebanon at an altitude from zero to 2500m; unique in its composition it combines exquisite quality merging health needs and cravings.

MIEL DU LEVANT offers three types of honey: the Orange Honey that usually comes out in spring; the Forest and the Thistle Honey that are available throughout the year.


Our Honey Jars

Available in Jars of 400g and 840g

Orange Honey


Forest Honey
Thistle Honey

Don’t worry if our honey crystallizes, it’s just nature

wanting to mark its time, offering you another

experience of mouthwatering honey!

Our Seasonal Bundles and Gift Ideas

MIEL DU LEVANT offers customizable bundles of products that make the perfect season's gift. Whether for end-of year corporate gifts, or gifts back for a wedding, a birth or a corporate event, MIEL DU LEVANT's bundle options can fit any occasion.

These can include one or several honey jars, packed in a wooden box, and wrapped in a sleeve designed for the occasion

To know more about MIEL DU LEVANT's bundles, contact us and we will send you an extensive document with options and details.

Our Honey Types

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