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Did You Know?

Honey is the only food that never gets old; it has no expiry date and lasts longer than a lifetime.

When you heat your honey at a temperature higher than 40 degrees, you lose most of all its benefits.

Saccharose (sucrose) is the white table sugar.

MIEL DU LEVANT's bees feed themselves with natural sugars found in the flowers (glucose, fructose).


Being certified at 0% of saccharose means no added sugar, no chemicals and 100% natural!

General Tips

How To Buy Your Honey?

  • Children under 1 year do not eat honey

  • Never heat a crystallized honey

  • Know what you eat: take a tour to your honey hives

  • No more hangovers! Have a spoon of honey and you’re alcohol free!

It is barely obvious to see the honey quality from its cover; this is why you better buy your honey from:

  • Trusted sources

  • Certified organic stores

  • Have your honey tested in labs, at extreme cases

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