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For Bees a little honey goes
a long way

Story of a Passion


In the early 80’s, Antoine Abi Harb, a young wool merchant, chose to develop his passion for apiculture.


He jumped from 5 hives in 1980 to 20 hives in 1984 which he used to move from Hadat (Baabda) during winter to Aramoun (Keserwan) during summer. Back then, he was only producing two types of honey: the eucalyptus honey coming from the tree’s flowers, abundantly present in Beirut’s suburbs; and the oak honey from the heights of Aramoun, a region rich with oak trees.

In the early 90’s, when Lebanese' war was almost ending, Antoine Abi Harb decided to enlarge his apicultural project, covering all of the Lebanese territory in order to guarantee a larger diversity and a better honey quality.

This whole ideology led him to own 100 hives, producing 15 kgs of honey each, yearly.


In 1999, Antoine Abi Harb received the 0% sucrose certification from the University of Kuwait; a first in class result! Since then, regular and continuous laboratory tests are operated on every honey barrel at MIEL DU LEVANT which confirms this unique result.


In October 2011, the family partnership Antoine Abi Harb has been set up under the name of MIEL DU LEVANT. It took us a couple of months only to succeed in commercializing the products on the local market as being the only honey in Lebanon certified at 0% of sucrose.

The official launching of MIEL DU LEVANT debuted on August 7, 2012 when the products acquired the first organic certification in Lebanon by LibanCert; renewed later on by IMC, and lately by CCPB.


On another hand, Beirut city grew in the real estate domain, especially in the South and East suburbs of it which lead Antoine Abi Harb to stop the eucalyptus honey production because of a harmful pollution.

A whole new circuit was then born with the 4 times a year displacement of the hives in order to guarantee a natural and flowery environment to the bees, throughout the year.

Since then, MIEL DU LEVANT’s honey is available online and at specialty shops, organic stores, pharmacies and many more in Lebanon! We have marked our presence in major exhibitions locally and in the region such as: Mzaar Festival, The Garden Show, The Cooking Festival, Le Salon du Chocolat…

MIEL DU LEVANT also made it oversees and is currently available in Kuwait, soon-to-be in the UAE.

Buzzing Bees
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