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Lebanese Organic Honey
0% Sucrose

Passionately Harvested


Fancy some organic, 0% sucrose honey?

Our Honey Types

MIEL DU LEVANT offers 3 types of honey, emblematic of our rich Lebanese nature.
- Orange Honey, revealing the tastes of orange blossom

- Forest Honey, embodying the tastes of oak honeydew and multiflora blossoms, fueled with the nectar of endemic thyme, oregano and sage flowers

- Thistle Honey, transporting you to strong flavors of the thistle flower

City Hive

Make your city
a healthier place to live

Story of a Passion

It's a passion for nature, adventure and most of it all, a passion for Lebanon.

This is what made MIEL DU LEVANT so special: the love of Lebanon leading us to the love of beekeeping.

Bees simply amaze us.

You'll feel it in the jar, from its looks to its exquisite taste.


We guarantee you'll fall for us in a glimpse!

Contact Us

        +971 56 662 5108
        +961 81 521 931

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